Application Session Filtering – Network Appliance workload

ASF – Application Session Filtering concept

Simple drawing to get the point across.  

Extracting application sessions of interest per content


When you think about the volume of traffic that security and monitoring tools must inspect to identify threats, you can begin to appreciate the enormity of this task. The device must inspect every packet that coming in and out and analyze what level priority and network attack rating to assign it. The device software must perform this analysis using various techniques, libraries and case options. Some of these security appliances, such as email security gateways and web application firewalls, are specialized for inspection of certain traffic and/or protocol passing through for the application. The Appliance must use valuable CPU while reviewing and analyzing traffic data and decide what is relevant and what is not, which will have negative effect on the quality of service and the intended result will not be reached.

A network visibility appliance that provides application session filtering (Note: it’s just a simple drawing. No artists here  – see Figure 1a above) can make security tools more efficient by forwarding specific streams of traffic to it appropriate destination. The visibility appliance looks at the application layer of a packet and identifies application flows which is valuable data when the appliance is being bombarded with a ton of data per millisecond. Once the appliance has decided the type of traffic, then it directs entire sessions to the appropriate security tool, including those packets that are part of the session setup, so that the security tool can see all the context for the flow. With application session filtering, the IT organization can designate what constitutes a relevant traffic stream for each security tool and set up forwarding rules so that traffic is delivered accordingly to the final destination therefore removing valuable overhead from the appliance.



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