☁ The New Modern Information Technology Manager

The New IT


The days of the Information Technology manager keeping the Infrastructure running are over. IT now has new job descriptions, new duties and responsibilities.

By keeping up with the latest technology developments, IT Manager can learn and have enough knowledge about the upcoming technological advances. Since Technology matures quickly, as an IT Manager you do not want to get left behind. Keeping up with the latest Cloud developments, Artificial Intelligence projects
and advances, Voice  and NLP (natural language processing) etc.

The new IT Manager has to look for the next big thing and next new normal as some have put it. Just matching IT with the current business needs is not enough. Going forward the devOPS IT Manager has to be involved with all things Software, Network, Storage, Security Security Security (yes 3 times).

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Here are a the new duties of a good IT Manager:

  • Manage Company Security as top priority, Specially if your company is involved in sensitive personal and/or government data.
  • Strong communication in all development groups and departments.
  • Management has to allow IT to use its expertise to be able to generate business ideas and participate in business decisions.
  • Maintain a very strong security hold on the company and customer data.
  • As always, keep the company business units running like a fine tuned machine with zero interruptions and %100 up time.
  • Information Technology Spending has to generate business results. IT can not spend money to have the latest and greatest. IT has to be able to show the results of spending.
  • IT Experts have to help employees work efficiently and to maximize productivity and delivery time of product.
  • Mobile, BYOD and more is now the new normal. IT has to be able to adapt and allow company employees, management, customers, suppliers to work from anywhere via any device.
  • Help the business to deliver better products and services to the customers
  • Focus on accelerating business growth for the company and all business units.



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I am an Irvine, California native since 1978 and California State University Fullerton(CSUF) Computer Science Graduate. I have spent over 25+ years in Southern California and Studying Information Technology, DevOPS, Software Development, Network Architecture, Network and Cloud Security, AWS,  Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and more.