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With hyper converged appliances, local storage, servers and virtualzation are integrated into a single system, simplifying deployment and management. However, hybrid hyper converged appliances remain costly and deliver poor storage performance compared to all-flash storage systems.

Both Nutanix and Atlantis have been working hard to bring a product to market to fill this gap. Nutanix uses a hybrid storage of flash and SATA for cold data vs Atlantis which has primarily focused all flash storage, therefore brining in better performance.

Atlantis HyperScale allows enterprises to scale storage in small modular units as they grow their compute resources, instead of forcing them to buy large and expensive storage arrays with limited performance. Atlantis HyperScale delivers the performance of an all-flash array in every appliance with 12 or 24 TB of capacity, empowering customers to scale-out performance and capacity to meet any application requirement.

Atlantis HyperScale is the first economically viable all-flash hyper converged system that integrates servers, storage and virtualization into a single appliance that delivers order of magnitude better storage performance at 50–90% lower cost. Unlike other hyper converged appliances, Atlantis HyperScale avoids vendor lock-in by supporting multiple hypervisors, eliminating dependence on proprietary hardware, and supporting four of the leading server platforms.

Thanks Atlantis software, customers can now deploy up to five times more virtual machines on their existing storage. The software also boosts performance and increases the flexibility of how storage is consumed in the virtualized data center.

Atlantis also offers a fairly good customer service program: a single point of contact for premium around-the-clock maintenance and support for customers including 4-hour parts replacement. Every Atlantis HyperScale purchase includes a three-year global end-to-end service and support program, covering the entire appliance, including the Atlantis software, hypervisor, SSDs, and server hardware components.

Atlantis HyperScale is sold exclusively through channel partners

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