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Netapp & Microsoft Cloud


Cloud style architectures offer significant reductions in cost and increase business agility. However, these systems are complex and difficult to install and configure.

Industry trends indicate a vast data center transformation toward shared infrastructure and cloud computing, sometimes referred to as software-defined computing. Enterprise customers are moving away from isolated centers of IT operation toward more cost-effective virtualized environments.

The objectives of the move toward virtualization, and eventually to software-defined cloud computing, are to increase agility and reduce cost

Achieving this transformation can seem daunting and complex, especially because companies must address resistance to change in both their organizational and their technical IT models.

NetApp has developed a solution called NetApp for Microsoft Private Cloud. This solution provides an integrated management experience that allows customers to easily implement and manage private clouds based on Microsoft Windows Server.

NetApp storage systems support a wide variety of disk shelves and disk drives. Visit the NetApp Support site to view a complete list of supported disk shelves.


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Published by Wiley


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