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There has been a massive shift in the industry toward the flexibility, security, and scale of a Hybrid strategy.

A Hybrid Cloud is no longer just a “valid alternative” to moving everything to the cloud – it is now the differentiating factor for any business looking ahead at their long-term ability to outperform competitors.

I believe it’s time for enterprises to start asking the “Why Hybrid?” question and start thinking about the components they’ll need for their own Hybrid Cloud.

This move to a Hybrid setup is already well underway: A Forrester Research report from this Spring (Titled: Strategic Benchmarks 2014: Data Center Strategy) noted that survey respondents stated 69% of their enterprise infrastructure was still housed and managed in company-owned facilities. Looking ahead, the Forrester report showed that, over the next four years, that number would shrink 25%. This kind of reduction means the addition of a lot of cloud scale and a lot of Hybrid scenarios.

The Hybrid Cloud approach empowers IT to support a global workforce that expects to be connected and productive from anywhere on any type of device while comprehensively protecting corporate assets. This Hybrid model also easily integrates into other pieces of your infrastructure, like Office, Office 365, Active Directory, and Config Mgr. As huge as these benefits may be, the cost savings make them even more valuable. A Hybrid setup reduces the costs associated with DR/backup, migration, regulatory compliance, and continuity.

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