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Virtualization for Dummies PS by Wiley


You probably know the basics of Virtualization but want to improve your knowledge? If you are looking to gain insights on how to extend its benefits beyond your servers, to areas like backup and networking? Then you probably want to look at VMWare’s Virtuazliation 2.0 for Dummies by Wiley publishers.

Virtualization 2.0 For Dummies provides tips, insights and advice for understanding and managing a virtualized data center. It includes history on how virtualization got started, how it’s evolving, and examples of real-world outcomes it can deliver for your business.

Virtualization 2.0 For Dummies has the assumption’s that you understand how virtualization can benefit your business, and you have already taken the first steps in virtualizing your servers. Virtualization 2.0 For Dummies focuses on the details which you may not have had time to explore, such as:

– How Virtualization 2.0 is driving the next-generation data center, through capacity management and performance monitoring that delivers improved visibility, optimized planning and efficiency, more predictive control, high availability, and customized management dashboards. It also includes detailed use cases from real VMware customers who are embracing Virtualization 2.0.


– A deep dive into virtualization beyond the server, including operations management, virtualized backup, storage, and networking. This book shows you how they all work together to power today’s modern IT environment to better support your organisation’s goals.


– Business outcomes that can be achieved through Virtualization 2.0, like data center consolidation and standardization; streamlined, automated data center operations; and stronger security and compliance. It’ll cover how Virtualization 2.0 can help simplify routine backup and disaster recovery, and discuss how automating IT service delivery gives end-users access to the right tools at the right time, governed by the right policies.


– Preparing your IT environment for the next steps in your virtualization journey, with advice on storage options, security, and operations management so your migration succeeds without a hitch.
You’ll also get technical tips, best practices, and links to in-depth resources to help you save time setting up, managing, and troubleshooting your advanced virtualized environment.


Published by Wiley


Published by Wiley, this VMware Special Edition of Virtualization 2.0 For Dummies can be downloaded
click Here to Download:

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