☁Developments in #Hybrid #Cloud – #Storage

Vmware - Hybrid Cloud
VMWare Hybrid Cloud – via vmware.com



With more and more companies looking to capitalize on the operational and economic benefits of hybrid cloud, we can take a closer look at the importance of adopting hybrid cloud strategies as part of wider IT infrastructure.

To discuss these benefits in more detail, and to help organizations make the business case for using hybrid cloud environments, IDC presentation via Vmware has some Data below which can help with the rise of hybrid clouds and the growing importance they have had in the market.

Slidshare link has additional text and data for the Presentation

The first part of this research can be found in the IDC Info brief below, which takes an overall look at hybrid cloud adoption and the drivers behind this.


Some of the key figures include:

– 70% believe hybrid cloud is critical or very important to achieving business goals
– Integration with non-cloud resources is most important to cloud strategy success
– 64% of organizations identify their cloud strategy as “Hybrid”



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