IBM Flash Storage Raid

IBM is becoming serious about enterprise-grade computing in more ways than one. A little while ago It just struck a deal to acquire Texas Memory Systems, best known these days for its extra-quick RamSan SSD cards. As you’d anticipate, that fast yet lean storage is the focus — IBM wants servers that aren’t limited by their drives, or which just use less power than old-fashioned spinning hard disks and tape machines. Neither side is talking about how much the deal is worth, but TMS’ product roster should stay on the market even as it’s folded into IBM’s Smarter Storage initiative. Expect that database at work to suddenly get faster sometime after the acquisition closes later this year.

Additional information about TMS: Click Here


The RamSan-710 is the latest member of Texas Memory Systems’ state of the art Series-7 family. Competing SSDs cannot match its sustained performance and reliability, particularly in a package this compact. Designed in a 1U rackmount configuration, the RamSan-710 showcases TMS’ 30+ years of SSD innovation.

The RamSan-710 packs a lot of connectivity into its small size. The back panel has two slots for dual port 8 Gb Fibre Channel controllers or dual port QDR InfiniBand controllers. This SSD also features a redundant power supply, providing an added measure of protection against power issues.


The RamSan-710 provides plenty of shareable, high performance storage for IT organizations that need to respond to the growing storage and performance needs of their users and applications. It is a greener, more efficient alternative to hard disk drive-based systems. The RamSan-710 has extremely low latency and delivers 5 GB/s of sustained performance.

Single-level cell (SLC) Flash and innovative controller designs give the RamSan-710 enterprise reliability and data protection. With a capacity of 5 TB in a 1U enclosure, the RamSan-710 can efficiently handle data growth. It installs quickly and easily, and is managed in the same way as our other RamSan® systems, integrating seamlessly into almost any SAN environment.

Because of the RamSan-710’s nonvolatile SLC Flash storage media, data is not lost during a power loss. Flash translation tables are held in battery-backed RAM that is written to Flash in the event of power loss, so users don’t have to waste time waiting for indexes to rebuild when power is reconnected. The RamSan-710’s raw speed and power mean its data transfer rates are much faster than competing Flash drives and hundreds of times faster than traditional mechanical hard disks.

When you need a simple, economical solution to accelerate applications requiring large, fast buffer areas or to speed up applications that are random access intensive, the RamSan-710 is the clear choice. This SSD can make wait times associated with data warehousing, online transaction processing (OLTP), batch processing, enterprise resource planning (ERP), video editing, financial modeling, sophisticated data acquisition, scientific computing, and Web content a distant memory.

sources:  EMC, IBM,Microsoft, HP


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