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Viacom International Media Networks Accelerates Distribution of Multimedia Content with EMC Isilon

Amsterdam, Netherlands – September 6, 2012

European TV Channel Operator Leverages EMC Isilon to Increase Performance and Reliability of Content Delivery for MTV, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central

EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) today announced that Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) has standardized on EMC®Isilon® scale-out storage for all of its media content in Europe.

VIMN is comprised of many of the world’s most popular multimedia entertainment brands, including MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, BET, Paramount Channel, VH1, VIVA, COLORS, Game One and Tr3’s MTV, Música y Más, which are seen globally in more than 600 million households in 170 territories and 37 languages via more than 200 locally programmed and operated TV channels. With more than two petabytes of Isilon storage, VIMN has improved the speed and delivery of its multimedia content across Europe.

Customer Benefits:

  • Streamlined Content Publishing — With Isilon, VIMN accelerated content publishing 150 percent by streamlining end-to-end content development, access, distribution and transmission.
  • Improved Efficiency — VIMN’s integration between Isilon, media asset management and playout systems automates flow of content to program schedules, reducing the number of operators per 25 channels from five to just one.
  • Increased Performance — Isilon delivers 8,000 gigabytes of content per day to 100 playout servers in each media center simultaneously, ensuring that content is consistently available for daily program schedules.
  • Enhanced Agility — Isilon enables VIMN to supply its creative teams with new storage resources in hours instead of weeks.

Customer Challenges and Solution:

VIMN’s prior distributed storage environment was difficult to scale and limited in performance, affecting its ability to reliably deliver media content to the broadcast channels. With media content growing by 600 terabytes annually, VIMN needed a centrally managed storage infrastructure integrated with its media asset management system to streamline and simplify content access, publishing and transmission.

After evaluating solutions from multiple storage vendors, VIMN chose EMC Isilon scale-out storage for its excellent scalability, performance and reliability. VIMN deployed Isilon NL-Series systems to consolidate media content from multiple sites across Europe to two primary media centers in London and Amsterdam, providing nearline storage for a global, file-based content delivery system. An additional Isilon system is deployed in VIMN’s London content production environment, which also enables content delivery to locations outside of Europe, including Australia.

Isilon InsightIQ™ analytics enables VIMN to optimize performance and workflows, and forecast future storage needs. With Isilon’s OneFS file system, VIMN maintains one global source of content for use with multiple reference language tracks across all multimedia channels. For disaster recovery and content sharing, VIMN is implementing Isilon SyncIQ® software to automatically replicate content between its two media centers.

VIMN’s Evertz Mediator media asset management, Grass Valley® K2 Edge™ integrated automated playout system and MediaGenex channel management systems are integrated with the Isilon infrastructure.

The EMC Isilon Scale-out Storage Platform, Powered by OneFS

Our scale-out storage platform is massively scalable, highly efficient and designed to provide you with a powerful, yet simple way to consolidate and manage enterprise data and applications.

Agility and Flexibility

With EMC Isilon, you can scale both capacity and performance almost instantly to meet your specific business need—all without any additional IT burden.

Simple to Manage

Our modular architecture and intelligent software make deployment and management simple. You can have an Isilon cluster online in less than 10 minutes, or scale an existing cluster in 60 seconds without time consuming, expensive integration services. And every Isilon cluster is a single pool of storage with a global namespace, eliminating the need to support multiple volumes and file systems.


Isilon’s high utilization rates–over 80 percent–means you purchase less raw capacity for the same amount of usable storage. And Isilon’s pay-as-you-grow modular approach allows you to align capital expenditures directly with business growth by purchasing only what your organization needs today, with the ability to easily expand tomorrow.

The EMC Isilon scale-out NAS platform, powered by our OneFS operating system, combines industry-standard, enterprise-class hardware with a robust suite of data protection and management software to deliver meaningful and sustainable productivity enhancements. Click on the tabs to learn more.

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