What are the Market Drivers for SANs?

What are the Market Drivers for SANs?
The limitations in speed, distance, and connectivity of SCSI technology prompted the search for an alternative method to access storage devices. The need for LAN-free backups and data sharing started the initial move toward SAN technology. These necessities and the desire to keep all data on-line and accessible 24 hours a day to an increasingly global and/or Internet-based user population are driving current adoption.

Market Drivers:

  • Backup Capacity: Increasing data storage requirements and the need for 100% availability of applications have overwhelmed SCSI backups across the LAN.
  • Capacity Growth: IDC and Gartner Group estimate that data is growing at a rate of over 85% annually. To put this in perspective a 750GB
  • System Flexibility/Cost: SANs are storage-centric networks that provide easy scalability, allowing servers or storage to be added independently of each other.
  • Availability/Performance: The use of a storage data transmission protocol like SCSI permits the transfer of large amounts of data with limited latency and overhead.