I am an Irvine, CA native since 1978 and California State University Fullerton(CSUF) Computer Science Graduate. I have spent over 25+ years in Southern California and Studying Technology and Storage.

From Department of Defense Contractors in 1990’s to Commercial Enterprise Network Infrastructure Build out, Network Security, ERP Roll-outs, Virtualization and Storage at the present. More Recently been taking more time reviewing & implementing different Storage Architectures and Hybrid Cloud Platforms.

I have Done Enterprise IT Procurement all the way to Building out Oracle ERP solutions and Rolling out VMWare on SAN when Many would not have known about Virtualization.

Besides all aspects of IT, I have enjoyed one thing more than others and that has been access to vast amount of Storage, Storage Building Blocks, Storage Expansion,  SDN, Storage Area Networking (SAN), Flash Array, Cloud and Storage Virtualization.

I enjoy watching VMWare, EMC and Amazon AWS  and soon the next Big Tech. company come up with Storage ideas which we would not have thought about 20 Years ago. Who would have thought we be using Flash Raid system and SSD Drives in Notebooks. You can see where my passion for Storage comes from.

This Site is dedicated to Data Storage and all things related to Enterprise, Storage, Companies, News, Artificial Intelligence, AR,  BIG DATA, PaaS (Platform as a Service), Hybrid Cloud, Global IT & Security, Software, Hardware, SAAS, Virtualization and more…

If you do find anything which you like to comment on,  please do so by all means.

Bahram Khandan



Data Storage Analyst, Blogger, Consultant – Emerging Storage Tech. – New Products – Technology Co. – Innovation and Financial Markets. #VSAN #VCLOUD #NSX #VXLAN